Pahiopedilums (Lady Slipper) Orchid

Paphiopedilums (Lady Slipper Orchid)

Slipper Orchids are low light plants, it is generally recommended that they should be grown under 30 -50% shade. They will not tolerate direct sunlight on their leaves, strong sunlight can casue burning of the foliage, but rather the heat as a result of the direct sunlight. They grow well outside in a shade house or under a shady tree. Inside they grow well in a bright room with morning or late afternoon sun. You will find that some of the very best plants are grown inside the home, on the top of the refrigeartoer or television, or in the lounge, bathroom or kitchen. The green leaf type of Slipper Orchid is the most common in circulation, with the mottled leaf type requiring slightly warmer conditions.

In the winter night temperatures shoud not drop below 10 degrees, with our normal night temperatures in the summer being quite suitable. Day temperatures of around 15-25 degrees are optimal. In hot weather misting of the leaves in the morning is beneficial, with less watering if the weather becomes coool. As Slipper Orchids have no bulbs for storing water, the potting mix must be always kept on the moist side. Water every 4 to 5 days in the summer, 8 to 10 days in the winter. At no time must the Paphs be "Dried Out".

In nature most Paphiopedilums will have recived little by way of nutrients. However, in cultivation, they will respond to some fertiliser. Use ORCHIDFEED 2.1.2 at half strenght all year round, Slipper Orchids divide very easily as they tend to divide naturally themselves on a larger plant. They like small pots and can be potted into a slightly larger pot each spring, until they divide themselves.

Slipper Orchids are generally free from diseases, but a general spray like a rose spray is a good preventative. The main disease problems are caused by watering the plants on a cold wet day and/or leaving the plant wet overnight as this will eventually encourage rot.